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Third Tiu - Thursday, August 04, 2016

Photo by Denice Duff

I have created many award-winning things in my life. I have won multiple awards with my films, music videos and documentaries. I have made people famous with my films and sold out products for businesses. And made my personal comedy, "Text Me" starring Matt Bennett of "Big Bang Theory" which I co-wrote/directed with my husband and partner go viral.

All of those creations felt good and were amazing to create. But there is another favorite creation I would like to focus on today. My 6 1/2 month old son, Jordan River. I have heard so many negative things from strangers, friends and even family members. : " Having a kid is a game changer, good luck with your work" , " It's going to ruin your relationship" and "You can't do it all anymore". I could keep going on but I won't. Because they are ALL LIES and FALSE AGREEMENTS that they have gone into agreement with and have MADE their lives that way.

Since I have had my six month old, I have done more in these six months then before. I have directed and written a T.V pilot, I have mentored several film students to help them advance their careers, I have also expanded my own Film Business. WHILE raising a SUPER HAPPY BABY! My Marriage is happier than ever! My husband and I co-direct, co-write and now co-raise a BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, FUNNY LITTLE BOY! It has made our marriage stronger than ever. I have turned my baby into a "Hollywood Baby." He comes on set, loves watching mom and dad direct. He is in our office daily seeing our beautiful creation of commercials, music videos, documentaries and TV shows. Which is creating a happy healthy baby that will hopefully follow in our steps. Which is to make a better world with our art and filmmaking

I will end with this. YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL! I am doing it. Why am I different than others? Well because I MAKE it happen! I CREATE a happy life! I don't go into agreement with any naysayers.

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