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Dream Team Directors Team Up with Hollywood United and Mark Ruffalo

Third Tiu - Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Dream Team Directors Team Up with Hollywood United


On February 25th, Academy Award nominee Mark Ruffalo led an unconventional journey, teaming up with the non-profit Hollywood United for a Healthy California to take a bus tour of the more than 1,000 oil drills in the LA area. On board for the tour were entertainment industry leaders, committed to raising awareness about this climate fight that is affecting communities throughout Los Angeles.

Hollywood united for a healthy California

Hollywood United for a Healthy California is an entertainment industry-led campaign whose goal is to eliminate oil and gas extraction from California, which is poised as the third largest oil-drilling state in the nation. Because of its connection to the oil industry, California would have the 8th largest economy in the world if it were its own country. With more than a half a million people living within a quarter mile of an oil field, Los Angeles residents are now taking a stand to keep oil in the ground.

the trouble to residents

Because oil drilling produces airborne toxins and gas, workers must wear protective clothing and masks; however, on the other side of a fence, there are families breathing the same harmful air that have no protection. Known carcinogens and endocrine disruptors (substances that interfere in the function of hormone glands) fill the air and water. This was causing residents to fall ill with symptoms like headaches, nosebleeds and asthma.

the key to solving climate change

The world uses 85 million barrels of oil every day. At 42 gallons per barrel, that’s 3,570,000,000 (yes, billions of gallons per day). Even if the world were to use up the oil it has already found, we could potentially damage the air, land, and water irreversibly. That’s not to mention the problems with oil manufacture in itself; fracking in Oklahoma has led to earthquakes, while the oceans have endured incredibly harmful oil spills. Plastics made from oil will still be in landfills for at least the next 50 generations. Before today’s plastics will have the opportunity to decompose, millions of tons of new plastic will be created every year going forward.

The concept to keep oil in the ground opens the door to solving these crises. If no new oil is removed from the ground, recycling becomes a vital necessity. Neighborhoods in crisis, such as Wilmington, South L.A. and Porter Ranch, no longer have to wait for slow-acting regulation. California is initiating wide spread legislation to keep oil in the ground, which would help turn the tide in the environmental crisis.

Dream team directors

Dream Team Directors were honored to work with Mr. Ruffalo and his team on this project. Hollywood United has a simple plan: keep oil in the ground! We captured the tour, interviews with residents, and the view from the street to show the world this crisis.

Check out the video here:


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