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Can you imagine a world without art?

Bayou Bennett - Wednesday, September 27, 2017


I woke up this morning feeling like I need to save the arts. Why? Because I've seen what's happening in this world with the arts and importance of it. The bottom line is we have to pay for the arts and put it back into the school curriculum. Artists need to recognize the importance of being an artist but also recognizing they also need to learn the art of selling.


I've seen musicians be able to pay hundreds of thousands for music videos because as a child I paid for the CD. And now I see musicians only being able to pay a couple hundred. Why? Because I see a lot of people think it's OK to just steal music by ripping it off or bigger companies like Pandora, barely paying the artist for the music and putting it up for free.


This is starting to happen in the film industry. Thank God for movie theaters. When I was a child growing up we would go to places like Blockbuster, I was happy to pay $3.00 for the night to watch an incredible film like: "Forrest Gump", "Stand by Me", E.t.


I remember the first time I went to the movie theater was to see "The Abyss" I was a little girl and rode with my stepbrother in the back of his aunt's car. I was looking up at the stars and I felt like I had been transported to another world. I had just experienced one of the most amazing experiences of my life time, the art in that film from the cinematography, the acting, visual effects to the writing WAS top notch. I was happy to pay the $10.00 bucks and I was happy to drive the hour and a half I drove to see this movie it was 100% one of the best parts of my whole summer. That was probably some of the beginnings of me wanting to be a filmmaker myself.


In seventh grade, I won $100.00 for a drawing I made for a contest for our local humanitarian dog shelter. They put on a fashion show to raise money for our animals. My art was featured on all the posters. That was the moment I recognize that I can make a living as an artist.


During college as I was walking down the halls. I was wondering how am I going to make money as an artist? I was an incredible painter and figure drawer and performance artist using video art. I asked a teacher how can I make money as a fine artist/performance artist. She said to be a teacher or graphic artist. My graphic design teacher was Marilyn, she was amazing because she would not only teach you the programs, and the skill of making art, but she would also tell me HOW she got the job. What she had to do to sell herself as an artist. These are subjects that we have to teach our children and even adults as artists, it is a business. Just like being a dentist, you charge for your service.


So I'm asking you as lovers of art, supporters of art, to support your local artist by buying music, by buying the fine art to put on your wall. To give you joy in order to help you enjoy this life on earth. And now I'm asking that you also buy films. An example of this would be the kids movie " Trolls" I noticed it was for sell on Amazon for $10.00 and I happily bought it. The incredible message in the film was "Happiness is not in eating a troll ( While I saw it as happiness is not getting happiness from eating a pill), HAPPINESS inside all of us!" Loved the message, The music was incredible, by Justin Timberlake, the art, the writing, the story was super and educational. I then noticed it was on Netflix. Don't get me wrong I love Netflix! To be able to watch almost any movie at my fingertips is fantastic! And I look forward to getting my films on Netflix for millions to see. But I'm pretty sure Netflix didn't pay near as much as the movie cost. Therefore independent films are not getting bought for as much as they should. It's simple Netflix should just raise the price of their monthly subscriptions and pay the right amount. So that the 100's of people: the writer, producers, actors, cinematographer, production assistants, editors etc. can get paid for their work- which sometimes a film can take years to make- write the perfect script, get the perfect talent on and off camera and finally raise the money- into pre-production, production to post-production- which can take months to years...


So what I'm asking you to do today- Is remember the first time you heard that song that spoke to you at that moment you needed it the most, the first time you watched a movie and it made you feel that you could be the superhero and the first time you saw the art on the wall and it made you transport to another place.


These are the days that we have to come together as people and recognize what is important and what DOES make us happy and what keeps this world fun and beautiful!


Artist are some of the most important people on the planet -they uplift society and make people think in different ways. Support our artists. <3 And artists learn to sell your art. It IS survival. :)


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